Fire Wire Systems, Inc. works closely with designers, architects and general contractors throughout the process.

Services & Installs

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Security Systems
  • Chief's Regulation No.4 (Reg4) Testing
  • Upgrade service
  • Violations removed
  • Sensor lighting
  • Outside lighting
  • Outlet installations
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Access
  • Data
  • Networking
  • Sound
  • Video Surveillance Systems


Electrical locations that are in need of repair can turn into a dangerous situation if not attended to. Don't let that need for repairs go without attention.

We are fully equipped to take care of all your electrical repairs. From removing violations to rewiring your entire building or home, we are prepared to make it right for you.

Call us for an appointment to review your situation and we'll provide you with a free estimate (951) 267-1212